Can your pegboard take their abuse? AlligatorBoard metal pegboard is manufactured to the highest standards from heavy-duty 20 gauge steel. It's stronger and more durable than ordinary pegboard - it won't warp, tear, discolor, or rust. It has unique, strength-reinforcing dimpled holes. And it's easier to install that other pegboards too. It looks great and lasts. That's why we say -
AlligatorBoard: It's not your father's pegboard, but it will be your son's!

Stainless Pegboard

Stainless steel AlligatorBoard delivers a brilliant shine to brighten any workspace. We offer two stainless steel options: 300-Series true stainless steel and 400-Series stainless. Our 300-Series is modern, hygenic, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, and strong. It's perfect for restaurants, kitchens and hospitals. Our 300-Series stainless steel has no pores or cracks to harbor dirt, grime or bacteria. A little soap and hot water and it's safe and sterile. It's a great investment because it can be maintained in as-new condition for decades. Our 400-Series stainless is bright and shiny -- it looks great in the garage! Plus, it's magnetic!

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