Metal Pegboard Panel Kit without Flange/10 Hooks/Gloves

AlligatorBoard quickly organizes your garage, workshop, utility room, kitchen, or playroom.  It's great for restaurants, hospitals, factories, retail stores, showrooms and tradeshow exhibits too. 
Made from heavy-duty 20 gauge steel, it's attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. AlligatorBoard metal pegboard won’t rust – and our galvanized line is magnetic!  AlligatorBoard has special, strength-reinforcing dimpled holes, and will hold up to 90 lbs when mounted on studs. 
AlligatorBoard® is stronger and more durable than ordinary pegboard and comes in 32” and 48” long, 16-inch wide panels, and 3-inch wide strips and shelves. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, AlligatorBoard holes are 1" on center are compatible with standard pegboard hardware.  
These panels have unformed edges. Sold as a four pack unit, this package comes with everything you need:
  • 4 pack of galvanized AlligatorBoard with unformed edges covers a 34" x 66" area.
  • Pegboard hardware starter set. 10 peg hooks to start! (Pegboard uses standard 1/4" peg hooks that you can buy at your local hardware supply store. We don't make you buy proprietary hooks — unlike our competition).
  • Mounting hardware....Only 4 screws per panel....All included.
  • 1 Pair of work gloves (used for installation).
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